Free Energy AuditsAttention veterans: You may qualify for a free energy audit of your home and guidance on how to obtain incentives to pay for any needed repairs.

Westchester County has teamed up with the Westchester chapter of the Building Performance Contractors Association (BPCA) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to provide veterans with these free, no-obligation energy audits.

World War II veteran Victor Paolantonio at 11 Sommerstown Road (Rt. 133) Ossining was the first of four veterans who will not only get the free energy audit but also receive any upgrades recommended.

Everyone – veteran or not – should consider having a home energy audit. County veterans will get this home audit free, thanks to BPCA and NYSERDA.

Home energy audits usually cost about $500 and are designed to show homeowners what they can do to save energy in their homes, such as installing new windows, insulation, air sealing, high-efficiency heating or cooling equipment and more.

As part of the Green Jobs, Green NY program, NYSERDA will cover the cost of the audit for most veterans. For Paolantonio and three other veterans, BPCA, with the help of NYSERDA and donations from certain manufacturers and suppliers, will complete the renovations and replacement of old equipment.

Vincent Hannigan, a spokesman for the Westchester BPCA, said, "We are proud to honor our veterans with our services and support and are grateful to the county and NYSERDA for their commitment to the success of this project." Visit the Building Performance Contractors Association Web site.

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To sign up, or get additional information, call the county's Veterans Service Agency at (914) 995-2145